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"the use of chocolate has become quite common.., and everybody thinks they can make it; but very few have arrived at perfection, as the art is far from being an easy one" (A. Brillat-Savarin 1825).

Really excellent chocolate is determined by a skillful blend of different types of cocoa beans. Each cocoa bean has a taste, a distinct personality all its own, influenced more by where it is grown than the type of cocoa bean. We have carefully chosen our chocolate couverture in order to offer one of the best French blends available anywhere. We also use a select variety of rare, origin chocolates for the most discerning of taste buds.

But, for us, the most rewarding part of the chocolate making process is the creation of the ganache, or chocolate filling - the blending of a unique chocolate couverture with premium ingredients - fresh, pure fruit and herbs, exotic spices and Irish dairy products - leaving you with a hint of all the complex flavours infused together.

Characteristically, chocolate is sensitive to temperature and humidity, temperamental if over crystallized, but responsive in the hands of a craftsman with an artistic flair.

Our inspirations for a flavour may come from any aspect of our experiences, even the desire to improve on an 'old favourite' - a sort of 'theme and variation', in musical terms. Or, an exhibit at the art museum may inspire a flavour or a new design. Or, the memory of an aroma from grandma's kitchen may inspire an innovative combination of sweet and savoury ingredients.

Next, we taste, then discern and then evaluate, again and again and again, in order to improve upon the product.

At Roscommon Chocolate Company, we love the process - one that , at times, requires a stubborn perserverance - and we are dedicated in our desire to produce......hand made chocolates to love

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