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Our Creations - Truffles
The most rewarding part of the chocolate making process for us is the creation of the ganache, or chocolate filling - the blending of a unique chocolate couverture with premium ingredients - fresh, pure fruit and herbs, exotic spices and Irish dairy products - leaving you with a hint of all the complex flavours infused together. We have carefully chosen our chocolate couverture in order to offer one of the finest French blends available.

Our inspirations for a flavour may come from any aspect of our experiences, even the desire to improve on an old favourite - a sort of 'theme and variation', in musical terms. Or, an exhibit at the art museum may inspire a flavour or a new design. Or, the memory of an aroma from grandma's kitchen may inspire an innovative combination of sweet and savoury ingredients.

In keeping with the use of fresh fruit and herbs, 'Our Creations' are available in seasonal collections, honouring the four corner-stones of the ancient Celtic calendar: 'Imbolc' (spring), 'Bealtaine' (summer), 'Lughnasa' (fall) and 'Samhain' (winter).

We hope you enjoy eating our chocolates as much as we enjoy making them.

Citrus Vert  
Tangy blend of lime with a hint of coconut in a dark chocolate ganache.

Ginger & Spice  
Hot ginger with a hint of sweet spices in a dark chocolate ganache.

French Lavender & Vanilla  
Aromatic, fresh lavender & New Guinea vanilla in a dark chocolate ganache.

Purely Liquorice  
Liquorice infused with dark chocolate with a hint of Sambucca.

Moroccan Mint  
Fresh Moroccan mint in a dark chocolate ganache with a hint of Creme de Menthe.

Night & Day  
Origin dark chocolate ganache with a level of white chocolate infused with exotic Tonka beans.

Passion Fruit  
Fresh Passion fruit puree in a dark chocolate ganache.


Almond Hazelnut Praline  
Toasted Almond and hazelnut praline in a dark chocolate ganache, with a hint of Port.

Fresh raspberry puree in a dark chocolate ganache with a hint of Frambroise.

Our Classic Chocolat  
Mixture of cardamom & chilli with sweet spices & herbs infused with a dark chocolate. 

Casablanca Tea  
Casablanca Tea from La Mariage in a dark chocolate ganache, with mint overtones.

Holiday Fruit & Nuts  
Grand Marnier soaked orange peel, rum soaked raisins with pistachios and walnuts in a dark chocolate ganache, with a hint of brandy.

Pecan Praline  
Caramelised milk chocolate ganache with toasted pecans.

Baked Spicy Plum  
Santa Rosa plums baked with fresh herbs & spices in a milk chocolate ganache, with a splash of Port.

Almond Caramel  
Creamy, golden caramel with toasted almonds, covered in milk chocolate.

Cafe Latte  
Dark, French roasted coffee infused with milk chocolate, with a hint of Tia Maria. 

Moravian Gingerbread  
A secret Moravian blend of spices with fresh pear puree in a with milk chocolate ganache.

Strawberry Rose Cream  
Fresh strawberry puree and rose essence in a white chocolate ganache, with a hint of Cointreau.

Jamaican Rum Raisin  
Jamaican rum-soaked raisins with a milk chocolate ganache. 

Coconut Cream  
Toasted coconut, vanilla & ginger in a white chocolate ganache with a hint of Malibu.
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